First Assignment

Today is the second day of my third quarter of advertising school. I just switched teams - from art direction to copywriting (a tough choice that came after a lot of cups of green tea and soul searching). As of now, a good life decision - but don't worry I'll let you know if things go south, which are pretty much guaranteed to happen (hey, it's only been two days).

Our class tonight - Advertising Concepts. One of our first assignments? Create a blog and post a variety of student musings and fears, along with loved and hated ads, movies, music, color schemes, pop culture movements and the like...just things that we find inspiring. Quite the spectrum, ya might say. And, ha, just what the advertising/design world needs - another darn blog with another darn hack voicing their opinions and posting pretentious "inspiration." I'll try to keep the snobbery to a minimum.

I'll also be posting some of my own work on this here blog - so stay tuned for that - and be sure to comment. I could use some humbling.

But just to get the ball rolling and see if we are creatively compatible, here's a brief list of things, people and places I find inspiring -


lb said...

It makes me feel good that we share a few of the things on your list - namely, Ricky Gervais (and Stephen Merchant, too, for me) and the body copy on vitamin water labels.

You are so creative and wonderful. Love you!

Meghan said...

Well, I've just read your entire blog in reverse, and I say "pip pip, jolly good!" Now that you are a copy writer, I am going to bombard you with articles about grammar instead of design (more up my alley anyway).

In other news, this "list of inspiring items" reminds me of "things that make me insanely happy for no apparent reasons" (aka the "break glass in case of PI emergency" list).