The Best Piece I've Done All Quarter...

For my Copy Techniques class on Thursday night, our teacher Sage Rider gave us an interesting in-class assignment that appeared at first to be mildly challenging - and then upon closer inspection appeared to be mildly impossible. I wanted to share it with all of you.

The assignment (taken verbatim from the brief): Write a print ad for the target audience I give you for Mini Cooper. Include a headline, some body copy and a tagline. Make it fun and make it work. Think about who this person is. Why do they need this? What would the best media be to reach them? Why? Think about voice. What's in it for them? How can you break through the clutter and grab their attention?

Ok we were given 15 minutes to complete our one ad.

So far sounds pretty easy.

Now for the twist - each person was given a different target audience. They ranged from a hip senior couple on the beach, to a clown, to a young couple with a baby, to Dwight Shruete...and then there was mine...a friggin ABORIGINAL.

Yup. An Aboriginal tribesman. Ok, so first of all I know NOTHING about Aboriginals (which probably comes across in my ad). I think the one fact I know is that they don't like to get their pictures taken. Oh and I think also they are from Australia. That's about it. Anyway, I was quite impressed with the ad I came up with in those 15 minutes. If I were an Aboriginal woman (and I had a valid driver's license, and I could read English) I would definitely be intrigued by this ad. So, sadly enough, I am about 99% positive that this is the best piece I have done all quarter...

In case you can't read it, here is the copy from the ad.
headline: Abnormal.
body copy: At Mini Cooper, we're putting a new spin on tradition - dancing to our own drummer. So it might not fit the whole tribe, but it sure will make hunts end faster.
tagline: Appreciate the Original.


rosa! said...

elyse you are freaking BRILLIANT.
love the ad. it's so cute.