The Typo Education Advancement League

I am totally bummed that I just found out about this T.E.A.L. program. The whole thing is a pretty awesome idea - a league of typo-hunters on a nationwide search to eradicate typos. Even though their journey ended in early May, don't fret - you can still read about their adventures, check out their pictures and buy some merch. To my friend Meg, you should try to join this underground gang of red pen warriors. I am sure there are hundreds of tpyos still undetected and unaffected.

On a different note, Zak and I went to Psycho Suzi's last night to concept for class and holy moley it was awesome. I had a nice big drink which made me feel drunk enough to order a deep-fried Snickers bar - we chatted and rocked out to "Rock You Like a Hurricane," "My Generation," and "Walk the Line." Anyway, I'm going back there soon for sure - this might become a Minneapolis staple.


Alexandra said...

Psycho Suzi' NEED to go for "bondage a-go-go" night, if they still have it!