Fit for a King

Congratulations, Burger King - you've finally earned your name. On Wednesday, Burger King launched the world's most expensive hamburger, available only in West London and only for $200. The name? "The Burger."

The ingredients of The Burger include: Wagyu beef, white truffles, Pata Negra ham slices, Cristal onion straws, Modena balsamic vinegar, lambs lettuce, pink Himalayan rock salt, organic white wine and shallot infused mayonnaise in an Iranian saffron and white truffle dusted bun. I guess two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles on a sesame seed bun is too pedestrian for Burger King. To be perfectly honest, I only recognize five words in their list of ingredients: beef, white, truffle, salt and pink. I need to brush up on my Top Chef.