Name That Brand

On Monday my 4th Quarter of Miami Ad School started. I'm in a class called Copy Techniques, that usually Q1 and Q2 copywriting students are required to take. Well, since I switched to copywriting late, I had missed this class and now must take it - almost a full year after my fellow Q4 writers. On this first day of class (the first day of SCHOOL for three of my peers) he gave us all a "quiz" to see how much everyone basically knew about taglines - actually it was just to see which taglines we knew. It was harder than I thought.

Below are the taglines, and we were supposed to write the brand each tagline was for. Try and do this WITHOUT cheating (Google is such an enabler for quizzes like this). Most are gimme's but some left all of us stumped.

1. Live By It.

2. Think Different.

3. Just Do It.

4. It Does a Body Good.

5. You Can Do It. We Can Help.

6. What Can Brown Do For You?

7. I'm Loving It.

8. Feed Your Wild Side.

9. Have It Your Way.

10. We Try Harder.

11. The Ultimate Driving Machine.

12. My Life. My Card.

13. If It's In The Game. It's In The Game.

14. Trusted Everywhere.

15. Imagination at Work.

16. Play B3yond.

17. Welcome to the Human Network.

18. The Computer is Personal Again.

19. Stick Together.

20. Can You Hear Me Now?

21. Bank of Opportunity.

22. Chase What Matters.

23. There is No Substitute.

24. Impossible is Nothing.

25. M'm! M'm! Good!

26. The Original White Meat.

27. Deflightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined.

28. Keep Walking.


30. Good to the Last Drop.

31. The Un-Cola.

32. Alive with Pleasure.

33. The Fun Ships.

34. We Know Why You Fly.

35. Let's Build Something Together.

36. Born from Jets.

37. It's Way Better than Fast Food.

38. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

39. Save Money. Live Better.

40. You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Let me know if you want me to post the "answer key" sometime later this week.