WORST Commercials Today

Ok, so I don't know if I've been watching too much TV lately, but there have been a big chunk of television spots that seriously make me want to quit Ad School. Like why bother? If these ads exist in the world, why even try to make clever, witty and insightful ones. BAH!!!!! Ok, but seriously these are the worst pieces of shit I've ever seen (and they KEEP RUNNING):

1) "You know that song, time in a bottle?"
Uh. No. I don't know that song and I have no idea what you are talking about. This ad is for Zyrtec, I think but, really, who remembers and who cares? That is the most unnatural, poorly constructed (and poorly delivered) commercial ever (well, with a few brothers and sisters I mention below). But yeah, WOW. I just mute the commercial now when it comes on.

2) NuevaRing
OK, creepy animated synchronized swimmer women does not make me want to switch birth control medication. I love how they make it seem like taking a pill every day is SOOOOO inconvenient and just so damn annoying! I think a lot of people take daily medication and/or vitamins, etc. You brush your teeth TWICE a day. I dunno, I just feel like I'd rather pop a b.c. pill than place a VAGINAL RING anywhere near me. Ok, so this commercial doesn't get off the hook yet. The most HILARIOUS part of it, is that they changed it about a week ago from animated Toy Story like women to REAL actresses - I don't think the change really helps that much. The whole idea, and the product itself is just plain creepy. Oh and it also runs like 20 times a second.

3) Secret "Get 'Em Up, Get 'Em Up"
Ok, this one might be the worst. It shows this really annoying girl wandering around a city throwing her hands up in the air and talking to the camera. Ok a) the whole concept is just so unnatural and stupid - actually wait, I take that back - there IS no concept, and B) this chick is like the most annoying, unlikeable actress ever. I feel like Secret deoderant would be such a cool brand to work on - there are probably a million interesting ways to do this. Aren't they the ones who came up with "Strong enough for a man but made for a woman?" THE SAME PEOPLE DID THIS AD!? I don't believe it. The commercial is embarrassing - lucky for you I couldn't find it on YouTube.

4) Ok, I don't even know the brand of this but they're Salad Toppers
I can't even find anything about this ad online - maybe it's because I can't remember who makes them because my mind just blocks it out - like a traumatic event. Anyway, the commercial starts with the wife at home calling the husband on his cell phone and he is in the produce aisle. She tells him "I really want to get creative with our salad tonight" - which OMG IS THE WORST LINE EVER. WHO SAYS THAT???? Ugh. Ok so that is the whole reason I hate that commercial. It feels tiny and nit-picky but whatever - I would never buy that product because I hate that line. I'm petty. Kill me.

Ok, so now I need to stop procrastinating and finish my ads for this quarter............I probably shouldn't be talking smack about these commercials. My ads this quarter are WAY worse. LOL.


Kelsey C-M said...

Interesting story about the NuvaRing ad. This animatics house in NY was hired to make the animatic for testing. So they test the spot and it scores really high, so the client goes "why make it again? Let's just run the animatic as the real spot." And there was nothing in the animatic house's contract saying that can't be done. So basically the client gets a spot for like 20,000 bucks instead of spending a million )?) for a Busby-Berkeley-esque spot that, while annoying, would have been more appealing than a creepy animated version. Now I guess they've reconsidered, but it's too late. Everyone recalls the original. So weird!
Needless to say, there are now rules against using animatics as real spots.

Andy Jenicek said...

I love the Secret "Get em up Get em up" commercial. I think the actress is cute. She's on tonight's episode of The Border and dying to find her name. That's how I came across your blog :D

p.s. Her commercial IS on youtube :P

Kristina said...

I was blogging about commercials I love and hate, looking for the Secret commercial because I couldn't find it on youtube either, and stumbled across this blog. My roommate and I loathe the Zyrtec and Secret commercials, and now I feel validated that a person in ad school agrees.