Monica Makes Me Felizidade

One of my favorite people so far at Ogilvy here in Sao Paolo is Monica. She is the person who assigns the different creative teams briefs. She is so spunky and happy - even though she speaks MINIMAL English and we all speak MINIMAL Portuguese - somehow she has adopted us.  She made us this traditional Brazilian dessert called brigadeirio - sort of like chocolate fudge - which was delicious!

Anyway, I've been emailing her in Portuguese only (for practice), and she emailed me this today:

e voces sao as melhores estudantes que vieram ate agora, as mals interessadas em aprender nossa lingua, bonitas, alegres e muito, muito simpaticas. heheheheee...

and you are the best students we've ever had, more focused on our culture, language. Pretty, happy and fun. heheheheee...

It made me really happy! Everyone here loved the interns so much from last quarter and we've all been worried about living in their shadows...good to start bonding with people here in a real way and not just as the interns.


Kendall said...

Dude, you're on a blog binge...and you're making the rest of us look bad! hmph

Anyway, glad you're charming the pants off those Brazilians! (I hear they don't wear pants that much anyway.) I miss you!

Ainara said...

you are the most interested in learning the language... :)

Claro qué sí! Vas a salir de allí hablando mejor portugués que Xuxa!!