Just Making Sure You're Still Here...

Just wanted to write a quick post to make sure you're keeping up with my adventures in Brazil! I'm blogging every few days over at The Kid's Table. TONS of pictures too, I swear. Friday we are going to Ilhabela for Carnival! I am completely, 100% stoked.

I ALSO uploaded a lot of old photos to Flickr yesterday (none of Brazil yet - GOD help me with that project) - so if you're bored, go and have a look see :)

Oh - and here are some "new" blogs I've stumbled upon and gotten obsessed with:

Color Me Katie (I am OBSESSED with this girl - find out why!)
This is Why You're Fat (LOVE the tagline: Where dreams become heart attacks. LOL!)

And check out the AMAZINGLY creative work my little Spanish friend/art director extraordinaire, Ainara Del Valle does. She's amazing.

Elyse + Blogs = True Love Forever <3>