Long Time, No Blog

Hi loyal, loyal followers. It's been a while. Months, in fact. I seem to have fallen off the blog wagon, unfortunately but am going to try my darndest to keep up. I find too much cute, quirky stuff on this World Wide Web and love sharing it (and my life) with all of you.

So, here is a quick, quick run down of what's been going on these last few months:

- Brad and I moved in together! We live in an adorable apartment that I am obsessed with in Arlington. Living together has been a total and complete blast. It's like having a sleep over with your best friend every night :)

- I've been doing a lot of freelance writing. Still looking for something full-time in the DC area, but I've been thankful for getting to work with some really great agencies in the area and some truly brilliant and inspiring creatives. I've got some great leads, made some amazing contacts and am just trying to stay proactive and keep the work rolling in. So far, so good. My thoughts of suicide are quite minimal :)

- We've been having quite a busy, active summer with weddings and birthdays and celebrations galore! Tons and tons of traveling; tons and tons of fun!

- Brad and I have also been doing Weight Watchers. We've only been doing it one week, but Brad's already lost about 8 lbs and I've lost 4. We've been eating very healthfully, exercising regularly and keeping each other in check. It is SO much easier to do with a partner - not only for support, but also for advice/tips/tricks. Hopefully we'll stay on track and the weight will keep on melting off.

So that's that. I posted some of my favorite photos from this past weekend spent in Virginia Beach celebrating Brad's grandma's 90th birthday! You can check out more here. I'm excited to get some prints and start scrapbooking (nerd alert).


Jones' said...

I bet you didn't know, but follow your very entertaining blog. How are you? http://we-are-jones-in.blogspot.com/

Ainara said...

You're pictures are just too cute.
And you are looking great. Better than great.

I love those buckets... that's top dog work ;)