Are You On Top of Your Life Game?

Ok, so as most of you know...ok, maybe few of you...or none of you...anyway, I am obsessed with this writer/ex-advertising geek Karen Salmansohn. She was a CD at 27, then quit to write books and she has like 20-something quirky, self-help books published (my personal favorite, How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using Secrets of Professional Dog Trainers).  She also has her own show on Sirius satellite radio...I forget what it's called but she gives free podcasts. YAY!

Anyway, so she sends these inspirational newsletters a few times a week and I really dig 'em. They're mostly about life, jobs, relationships, etc. (so, basically anything). But yeah, I got this one last week and I found it very inspiring. I've been having a rough adjustment to copywriter life and just sort of getting back in my groove this quarter in general. This article/newsletter really helped me put crap in perspective. So yeah, enjoy!

A Powerful Answer to Depression: Ask Better Questions!
by Karen Salmansohn

Are you feeling as if you're not 100% on top of your Life Game these days? If so, perhaps it's because you've been asking yourself what I call "Depressing Life Game Show Questions." It's like this: If you ask depressing questions, you will 100% get depressing answers - and you will not be a winner at the Game of Life. Some examples of "Depressing Life Game Show Questions": Why didn't I? What if? Why me? Why not them? Why does my life suck so much?

Basically, there's NO WAY you can feel like a winner when you ask yourself NO WIN questions like these!'s your First New Question to ponder: Would you accept some of the mean and nasty questions you ask yourself on a daily basis if they came from an outside source? Chances are your rousing answer is: NO WAY! time you're about to ask yourself a "Depressing Life Game Show Question" - STOP IT and SWAP IT for one of these "Always A Winning Answer Life Game Show Questions:"

What can I do to move forward?
How can I grow from this challenge?
What's within my control to change?
What's a very funny or new positive spin on some of the stuff I'm taking too seriously?
What fabulous qualities do I have which will get me what I want in my life?
What are some examples of past fabulous times when I did get me what I wanted in life?
What do I appreciate about what I presently have in my life?
Who do I appreciate, cherish, love, respect, adore?
How can I give back to the world?
Who can I speak with today and let them know how very much I appreciate them?

Yup, when you ask these "Always A Winning Answer Life Game Show Questions," I promise you'll feel like you're on too if your Life Game in no time...and you will be heading for sure in a winning direction!

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