Pill Poppers

So apparently you can buy POM pills now, aka "antioxident superpills." Maybe it's just me but the term "superpill" seems like a smidgen of an overpromise. I've been living my life pomegranate-free for about 20+ years and I seem to still be breathing at a normal rate (except after I climb a flight of stairs). Sort of a weird concept, putting the contents of your product into pill form. Here's a tip that your product might not be that tasty - if you have to turn it into a pill to get people to consume it. Anyway, weird marketing gimmick from a company I used to think was quirky and original.

I'm not gonna front - those POM peach green tea things are DELICIOUS even though they cost about $5 a bottle and you can only find them at like SOME Whole Foods sometimes (Hello!? I can buy a footlong Subway sandwich for the same price!)