Tat's It, I Love Kat Von D!

Apologies for the terrible name of this post. I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep and 2 frappaccinos.

This is a real juicy interview with Kat Von D and let me just say, I think I'm in love. She is a completely fierce chick and I love what she stands for - individuality, creativity and passion. I think she may have changed my opinion about tattoos...then again, probably not...

ALSO, just while we're gabbing (or rather I'm typing) about people who I am obsessed with - let's have a little chat about the cover of Interview magazine with MARC JACOBS BEING COMPARED TO ANDY WARHOL. What IS that? Come on people...ok so they are both kind of creepy looking ego maniacs, who are insanely badass designers, with an obsessive following of people who salivate over their ideas...name ONE other thing. Ok, maybe they have a point. All I know is that if I had created a magazine and after I died they put some chick on the cover, dressed her up to look like me and slapped on some headline saying she was the new Elyse, I'd haunt the CRAP out of that editor. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Maybe I should write about ads?

Fine...this Audi ad is pretty cool, I guess. The line is "A masterpiece with more."