What a Croc!

Check out the new ads for Crocs by Zimmerman Advertising. They're actually (gasp!) acknowledging the passionate Croc debate that exists in this country - and they actually use it as a selling point for the product. THANK YOU! I love advertising where the product/service admits its flaws. Controversy is definitely interesting and any product that can be so desperately loved and hated is ripe with sweet, sweet ad potential.

Anyway, the spots are a little ridiculous - I'm definitely not a hundred percent sold on the execution. To be honest, it looks like we made these spots in Videostorytelling class. But  hey, at least they're different and that in itself makes me smile. The last thing this brand needs is some cheesy spot with a million kids wearing a rainbow of crocs and frollicking through meadows.

On a different note, Japan is calling for a Crocs redesign, claiming "the feet of children wearing the colorful plastic clogs have been injured on escalators." Ouch...