I Wanna Talk About Me

Ok, so most of the time on this blog I just find some controversial ad, or some cool website or some graphic design crap and broadcast my opinion out to Internetland. NOT today. Today I wanted to post some of the stuff I finished for the end of my third quarter at Miami Ad School (it is WEIRD to think that I've been doing this for almost a year). I need to prove to you loyal followers - all 4 of you (thanks, Mom!) - that I am ACTUALLY in ad school and I am not just up here in Minneapolis making lattes all day. I SWEAR I make ads too.

Above are two print campaigns - the first I did with my partner/art director Brian Dedering and it is for the National Outdoor Leadership School. The second is a campaign I did by myself for Greyhound (for my copy techniques class) - not sure if you can read the headlines but if not they say: 1) Make New Friends on the Way to See Your Old Friends, 2) Free Spirits Now Travel $99 Cross-Country, and 3) Travel Off the Beaten Path on the Paved Road.

Maybe I'll post some other campaigns later...we'll see...