Destruction Chips and Anger Bars

Ok, so I am pretty sure my friend Danny came up with this idea in high school, but here it is come to life! Just goes to show you that it's not enough to think something up; you've gotta make it happen before someone else beats you to the punch.

This is called a Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine (sorry, the article's en francais) and these lil vending machines contain pieces of china and porcelain which you buy, causing them to  break into a million little the pieces. I'm not so sure this is passive aggressive - I'm pretty sure it's just aggressive but hey - breaking china is more healthy than  breaking someone's face.

I can't just stop thinking about how hilarious it'd be if these were all just busted up vending machines that never gave you your porcelain chips. Like if it was just some mean joke and after you put money in the porcelain just dangled mockingly or better yet, if it only took like the freshest, cleanest bills. Ha, I'm evil...