The Speakers Have Spoken

YAY! All of our required speakers are done for this quarter. Hallelujah! Don't get me wrong - it's very valuable and awesome to hear from industry experts - but the timing of the speakers (always an hour  before class), the fact that it's mandatory (which naturally brings out the rebel in all of us), and the content overlap started making Mondays dread-worthy.

Today though we heard briefly from Chuck Porter - who is an International Ad God and prayed to at night by ad students. I wanted to rub his head for advertising luck before he left, but I also didn't want to creep out one of the most powerful people in the world. The highlight was a cookie from Davani's or Dasnani's - one is a water and one is a restaurant, I forget which is which and (tangent) lol to the fact that MAS "catered" the event. Oh - maybe the highlight wasn't the cookie and was getting to see funny international CP+B spots that don't air in the U.S....mmmm....let's just call it a draw.

It was also pretty sweet hearing him talk about how CP+B just took the Microsoft account. I am so curious to see how they are going to make Microsoft cool and Apple look lame (especially since 99.99% of ad agencies are Apple evangelists). All I know is that if ANYONE can turn the tables of pop culture and make Windows' functionality knock out Apple's designability (SO not a word), it's CP+B. Right? Keep your eyes open, CP+B doing Microsoft is like Monet doing a painting of a landfill.

Sorry if my posting is sporadic this week - I am completing like 11 campaigns + one 60-second television spot for the end of this quarter and it is all due on Monday (I'll post the final work later). Oh and I am ALSO making mochas for 30 hours this week. Here is a brief snippet of an IM conversation I had with my friend Andy that essentially sums up this week:

Andy: so when does the stress end for ya?
Elyse: Monday at 12:01 pm
Andy: LOL --- hmmm, not sure if that's when your last exam is turned in, or when your hand gun is due to arrive

Touche, Andy.