McCann at Cannes

Yes! I love bitter copywriters! This invitation was written by a junior copywriter at McCann and is for some stellar party in Cannes the agency is hosting, that he will obviously not be attending. Man oh man can I relate...

In case you can't read the copy:

"It is my unfortunate burden as a junior creative to announce the most insane party I have never been invited to. The McCann Worldgroup Party at The Eden Roc where you'll enjoy the most spectacular view of the Mediterranean I've never seen. So on June 18th, 2008 from 7:30pm to who cares, when you're all getting drunk, I'll probably be writing a banner ad, or revising a banner ad, or re-writing a revised banner ad. Which is fine, because I'm not one of those people who likes parties and fun, apparently. I'll just leave the merriment up to the professionals. Enjoy."


Tom Sebanc said...

That's pretty damned sweet.

Hope he/she gets there with this ad.