Always Playing Catch-up

I swear to goodness, I feel like I am ALWAYS trying to catch up with everything! It's already Wednesday (night) and I am oh so far's a list of things I am far behind with:

1. This blog...I wanted to tell you all about my trip to Milwaukee for my dear friend Jackie's bridal shower/bachlorette party 1-2 combo! All in all, it was a very happy, refreshing and fun-as-hell trip! I miss my Kendall and Jackie so very much and it was such a treat getting to gossip and drink just like old times :) Pics above are of the bridal shower (of which I designed the oh-so-fabulous centerpieces). As you can see, the theme was NYC since Jackie and her fiancee Todd got engaged there. Gina, the Maid of Honor, did such a good job of pulling it altogether - from the black and white cookies to the Statue of Liberty hats and the AMAZING apple-shaped cake (truly, I've never seen anything like this NOT on the Food Network). Oh, also we played a lil trivia game (Who Knows Jackie and Todd the Best?) and gave away a copy of the Sex and the City Movie on DVD. The event was a huge success, as was the weekend!

2. My errands!!! I have so much to do - i.e. go to the Tailor, the DMV, oy vey! So many very un-fun errands to get out of the way...

3. Cleaning! This place is a complete mess. With Brad and I both working 8-10 hour days now, we get home and just COLLAPSE. Literally. Well, not so much him. He usually cooks me dinner while I watch every darn series on BRAVO, coughing loudly until my dinner magically appears. My goodness I am spoiled. But yes, one of my favorite people in the WORLD is coming to visit this weekend (MELANIE!!!) and I have GOT to get this place in order before she gets here. MINIMUM clean the bathroom, clean the countertops, throw out the dead plants (I think the Curse of the Black Thumb is genetic) yes, I will get on that tomorrow while Brad watches the Redskins preseason game.

4. My scrapbooking :( I haven't even finished Tina's wedding pages yet - let alone have I had time to scrapbook my a) trip to NJ, b) trip to VA Beach, or c) trip to much scrapping to do and SO little time.

The good (no, GREAT) news is that our diet is still going strong (despite my lil setback this past weekend). I am loving my job (this is my first week) and think it's a GREAT fit for me. I feel challenged, busy and excited - but not stressed out or overwhelmed. I am getting to work on some fun, awesome clients and will hopefully be able to share some stuff once it gets produced :) (In case you're catching up, I'm a Junior Copywriter at this ad agency now!!!!) Best. company. ever.

I'll keep you all posted.

P.S. Have you guys read this article/heard about this???? Being able to deposit checks by taking a photo on your cell phone and SENDING it to the bank!?!?!?! My goodness! This both amazes me AND sketches me out simultaneously. After all, finances have never been my strong suit, despite my heritage and genetic makeup. I can't even REMEMBER the last time I balanced my checkbook by hand (Mom, if you're reading this please don't yell at me.) Let's see how long this lasts until people start complaining/getting robbed...


Jones' said...

Hey Elyse!! I know can you believe the check scanning thing. I work at a credit union and I still can't believe they are going to allow this. Sounds like you are busy busy. The NY theme shower looked like so much fun. Maybe you missed a calling in party planning?

Elyse said...

Ha! I would LOVE a job in party planning - Ashley and I have talked about a wedding planning business some day. I can't think of anything more fun for us anal-retentive, OCD, creative types :)