Making Lemonade.

It's no secret that MANY people have lost their jobs in this ugly, never-ending recession. One of the industries hit the hardest though is advertising. More than 70,000 ad professionals have lost their jobs this past year due to The Recession and one of them decided to do something about!

Erik Proulx, an ex-ACD/copywriter created the website Please Feed the Animals; a sort of group therapy forum for those 70,000 people out there. Luckily, Erik decided to put his time and creativity to great use! He got a bunch of volunteers (seriously this movie had $0 budget) and made this documentary called Lemonade about all the ad people who have lost their jobs. What they're doing with their time. How it has changed them.

I hope, hope, hope it comes out somewhere near me. I love this clip and I am sure the movie will be equally as inspiring!