Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Blogs!

My Creative Director sent out a link to this WONDERFUL article today!!! It's a list of 60 Beautiful & Enticing Blog Designs - let me just say I am completely green with envy! They are all gorgeous. How I WISH I could program and design like this...but alas...I was born without the tech gene...These are my favorites:

In other news, this past weekend was pretty much perfect. Melanie came down from NYC to visit and was Brad and my very first overnight guest at our new place!! We had such a great time; Saturday we worked out, met up with Tina for Girl's Day (brunch/shopping/drinking margaritas pool side). It was a pretty much perfect day! And on Sunday we took a walk with Brad, Mel went back home and Evin came over for wine/dinner/dessert/catching up on our lil balcony. It's so refreshing and inspiring to SEE people who you are so close to, and yet, live so FAR away...Brad was great and cooked a wonderful low-point (Weight Watchers) dinner/dessert. He is such a great host!!!! I'm always just so impressed. He is going out of town on Thursday for the whole weekend so I will probably get a lot of scrapbooking done and will watch a LOT of BRAVO...hehehehehe...