This weekend was (overall) a total blast.

Cliff’s Notes version:

Tina and I got delicious Indian takeout (mmmm….Naan….) and started laying out her and Ben’s wedding photo album. We’re using Blurb/BookSmart since her photographer wanted to charge her (I’m not kidding) $2,000 to make them one. To which, when Tina told me, I replied “I can do it for $200 tops.” She was sold.

Saturday night was a blast. Brad and I met up with Tina and Dan at the Spy Museum downtown. I have been dying to go all summer. Don’t ask me why…there’s something about code names and shaken-not-stirred martinis that get me all nervous and excited. So we met up to do this Spy at Night interactive adventure/tour thing. It was a total trip! Tons of fun; I highly recommend it! After that, we met up with some other friends at Tony Cheng’s in Chinatown for dinner. Brad and I shared a Volcano, a MASSIVE fishbowl-like drink set on fire and filled with fruit and sugar. If it sounds intense, you’re getting the picture. And after tons of rice and MSG, a few of us headed over to Rocket Bar and:
- Reminisced about high school
- Learned a new song from Dan
- Played Connect Four (I totally dominated, in case anyone was wondering)

Sunday was low-key. Hit up a wings/beer/pool party at our building in the afternoon and then bought some reading material for this week. (Sidenote: I am so excited to read my new book!!!)

So our weekend was going along just swimmingly until 5 o’clock this morning. Brad woke me up frantically, saying he had moved awkwardly in his sleep and REALLY hurt his back (like, could barely bend at the waist). So, we took a little morning trip to the hospital to make sure he was OK. Turns out, he is OK. Well, his back still hurts but he only pulled a muscle. The good news is that he didn’t have a broken disc or anything like that. The bad news is that it still hurts a lot and the only cure is to rest and take some muscle relaxants.

The best part of the whole hospital/ER experience though was in the back room before the doctor came in. Since it was Brad’s first time at Arlington Hospital this administrative woman came in to gather all of his info (birthday/social security number/medical history/etc.) So the lady asks Brad if he wants to write anyone down as an Emergency Contact person and he points to me. She asks what our relationship to one another is: “What should I mark her as Girlfriend? Partner?” Meanwhile I am sitting RIGHT THERE so she is looking back and forth between us. There’s an awkward moment of silence. Brad asks “What’s the difference?” so she launches into this little schpeil(sp???) about the difference and I’m like, “Lady, we live together – just write whatever that is.” Ok, fine, I didn’t say that but it was so funny to me. Like, what if we had just been dating a few weeks or something and we hadn’t had “The Talk” yet? How AWKARD would that be? Well, I guess he wouldn’t have written me as his Emergency Contact person, so the point is null, but whatever.

So Brad’s back still hurts. He’s on muscle relaxants and Vicodin. I’m just hoping he feels better by Wednesday (when we head out to Minneapolis for five days). Otherwise, that is going to put a major cramp in our trip. Pun intended.

And as of now, I am totally zonked. Fresh out of steam. Dead from the neck up. All I can think about is going to sleep tonight. I can’t wait…