Back from Minneapolis, Don'tcha Know

Oy vey. Getting back to work this week has been a struggle. With five full days spent celebrating up in Minneapolis, sitting still in a chair for 9 hours is proving to be somewhat of a challenge.

Cliff’s Notes Version of this Past Week:

- Jackie + Todd’s wedding was gorgeous. Elegant. Stunning. Jackie really does have amazing taste; between her dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the flowers, the food; everything was pretty much perfect. Sidenote: Brad and I made some great new friends with Jackie’s BFF Gina and her BF John. They rock! I am pretty sure I drunkenly invited myself to their wedding AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN ENGAGED. That's polite and non-awkward, right?

- Loved, loved meeting Kendall’s new beau (or “The Boy” as she so lovingly refers to him); he’s very charming and the two of them are quite smitten with one another. Adorable.

- Staying with my family in Minneapolis was a real treat! As was: drinking plenty of Tea Garden, chowing down at Psycho Suzi’s, shopping at Patina, and walking around Lake of the Isles. Divine.

- Brad and my 2 year anniversary was on Monday and we had a lovely day. Put both of our phones on “Airplane Mode” and celebrated with dinner at Sequoia in Georgetown + some beautiful silver jewelry from Patina (Brad is so sneaky!) + dessert at Thomas Sweet’s. It was a romantic, fun, and very “us” anni! I could not feel any more blessed or happy.

- Yesterday morning was infuriating – went to go leave for work but, oh wait…THE CAR was missing! It had gotten towed since the building hadn’t given me a sticker yet and my short-term parking pass expired 9/1. Oy! But, Super Brad took care of the whole situation. He loved telling all his colleagues and friends, “I really don’t get Elyse. She is such a smart woman; REALLY intelligent, but when she gets mad or emotional, all reason goes right out the door.” Ha. He SO gets me.

- Tonight: Going to The Pub. I’m excited to see The Boys and Meg (maybe Natasha too???); it will be nice to just relax, have a few light beers and catch up. I am not excited to leave smelling like smoke but whatever. It’s a sacrifice I am more than willing to make!

Oh, and for a little ad fun, check out this sweet new Bud Light spot. Call me immature, but I think it’s great!