"Fall Fun Day"

Tina and I had a WONDERFUL Sunday, yesterday! We schlepped all the way out to Leesburg, Virginia to go through the Maize Maze. I had gone with Jenny and some other friends a few years ago and remembered it being a blast, so Tina and I decided to go together.

The boys picked football over Fall Fun Day which probably ended up being for the best, since, let's face it, they would have made fun of EVERYTHING. But we met up with them later for dinner and then for pumpkin carving. The weather was PERFECT! It felt so great to be outside--hot in the sun and cool in the shade. Absolutely, gorgeous!

It really was a "Fall Fun Day" (I put that in quotes because Tina and I were joke-calling it that, but now I guess that's the best way to describe it)--we did the corn maize, ate caramel apples, drank apple cider, went on a hayride and bought pumpkins which we took home and carved (with the fellas).

Things I'm Looking Forward to this Week:

- Going to see Whip It with Brad tomorrow (I've been DYING to see this for like three weeks now)

- MELANIE is spontaneously coming to visit next weekend so that thought is pretty much getting through this week :)

- My tea party on Saturday!!!

- New Glee on Wednesday night (I am SO loving that show)

- Painting my fingernails black (hey, it's the little things)

- A few, fun projects at work that I'm not allowed to share on blogs and such!