Playing Catch Up

These last few days have been ALL about playing catch up. At work. At home. My head's been spinning with so many to-do's! Calls to make, photos to upload, etc.

You know it's been a crazy week when you can't even remember if your dishwasher is clean or dirty...

Had a lovely long weekend at Jess + Chris' wedding in the Adirondaks. I am a little bummed I drank too much at their reception and totally forgot to take pics...but oh well -- took some fun and happy ones with Brad the morning of the wedding around Lake George. It was a special few hours--getting a little alone time in, taking a fall walk and playing games at the arcade. The wedding itself was incredibly quirky and sweet: sunflowers, emo Iron & Wine guitar music, a glowing Jess and Chris, kazoo exit music, polaroids at the reception, a Korean tea was great! I particularly loved staying in a cabin! It was so CAMP :)

So here are some fun nuggets of happy things I found this week online:

- Printed out and hung up this AWESOME sign in my little corner at work today; thanks for sharing it SwissMiss, it makes me smile every time I look at it!

- LOVE these ceramic cheese makers I saw on "Jars of Cute"

- Can you tell the difference between Arial and Helvetica? See if you can beat me, I got 17/20!

- My friend Jess who just got married is also featured in Bleed! She's so fabulous!

- A tweet today that made me cry AND laugh (poor Gourmet magazine)
michaelianblack How could they close Gourmet Magazine just when we need very expensive, very complicated food that nobody eats the most?