Modern Nativity Set

Ha! LOVE this Modern Nativity set that I saw on SwissMiss. If only I wasn't Jewish...

My LORD, is it the weekend yet? This week's been crawling, though there were some highlights:

- The WAWF spot that Luis Erazo and I concepted over the summer for RP3 Agency is finally done!!! I'm really happy with how it turned out, even though we had to stop working on it a few months ago, and think RP3 did a good job seeing the idea through executionally. VERY exciting!!!

- Playing Apples to Apples with Brad, Andrew, Chip and Meg for the very first time was a blast and helped add some hilarity to the week.

- Winning a new client pitch at work!

- LOVING some new jams I got from iTunes including a lot of The Bird and The Bee, The Weepies and songs from GLEE!

- Yummy dinner at La Tasca with Brad

- Discovering that White Flint Mall in Rockville is the WORST MALL EVER with Meg. But we got yummy lettuce wraps and spring rolls which makes everything better.

Not sure what is on the agenda for this weekend. But I kind of like it that way :)