3 Pop Culture Things I'm Totally, 100% Over

Here's a list of some recent pop culture crap, that were at one time awesome and quirky, but are now COMPLETELY PLAYED OUT:

- Bacon: Yes, bacon makes everything better (I'm a vegetarian and yet, I still agree to this statement)--however THROWING PICTURES OF BACON ONTO EVERY SINGLE THING YOU CAN THINK OF MAKES EVERYTHING WORSE. You are not creative for putting bacon on a band-aid, on a website, on a BUSINESS CARD. Gross. OVER IT.

- Mustaches: Once quirky and distinguished, mustaches have now made me roll my eyes and groan. Oh wow. You have an awkward mustache--HOW ORIGINAL! We get it--mustaches are (generally) creepy and rapey-looking. Hardy har har har. Enough. Any guy with a decent amount of testosterone can grow one. You are NOT special or hilarious (Brad, I'm talking to you here).

- Vampires: This has gotten so completely out of hand I don't even know where to start. I always thought vampires were super cool - what an awesome, unique subculture of weirdos! But with friggin Twilight, now EVERYTHING is about vampires. Movies, books, EVERYTHING. Too bad garlic and stakes won't make this whole vampire craze disappear...

End rant.


Jones' said...

Ha ha you just totally made my day. I was just getting badgered at work about not wanting to go see New Moon on opening night with all the other freaks. I still haven't seen the first one. Loved the book, don't get me wrong, but I completely agree with you, get over it already.