It's what's on the OUTSIDE that counts

Ok, my Aunt Cheryl is the ULTIMATE design snob. She art directs everything, and she isn't even an art director. She'll spend up to three hours arranging a bouquet of 12 flowers. She'll criticize type, layout, colors...EVERYTHING...from the credits of a movie to the front page of a newspaper. From Sears circulars to wrapping paper ("something about that doesn't look right to me") Ok, you get it.

I remember visiting her and my Uncle Rick in Minneapolis about two or three years ago. Cheryl was showing me a face scrub she had made herself - providing a demonstration for me in the bathroom. I noticed just how stunning the bathroom was (I mean, I would have expected nothing less) - but sterling silver dishes and hand creams in adorable jars and little bouquets. But I quickly noticed that what made the bathroom so exceptional was the complete and utter LACK of brands and labels. It didn't look like an aisle at Wallgreens. Everything was beautifully bottled - little mason jars and sterling silver boxes and glass vases. No UPC codes. No price tags. Just really cute and quaint vessels.

So that was a pretty big build up basically just to show you these beautiful labels from Debranded Home - a company that sells really awesome, designy labels - so you don't have to stare at your ugly Suave shampoo bottle forever. Really simple idea and it makes a huge design difference. Anyway, if reading the directions on your conditioner in French has lost its wonder...these are something newer and badasser (and yes, I just wrote badasser).